Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wombat stew

Ob. Sessed.
Love these kids.
And I'm also loving Sunrise's Sophie Hull. Isn't she gorgeous? She's following the Royals around for Channel 7 and has so much style and spunk herself. And am I the only one that thinks she looks a little like the Duchess? I think she's great. Love me some 'real' TV personalities - she and Sam Armytage rock my news world*.
*Cue the haters. I know Sunrise is no ABC 24 hour news, but I like it. It's entertaining and light hearted and I still know more about current affairs than everyone in my office each morning. And while I'm at it, I also watch The Project. So there.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I can't believe I missed it.

Two days ago, on Monday 14 April 2014, I celebrated one year of living in Melbourne. That's 365 days since I turned my world upside down, grabbed life by the balls and took a massive leap of faith.

I decided to live the life I'd imagined.

And I haven't looked back.

Well, I have. Lots of times. There have been tears, sleepless nights, periods of self doubt.

But I've made it through and lived to tell the tale. And I'm proud that I've stuck it out, I didn't run home when the going got tough (even though I'm sure Mum and Dad wanted me to!). I dug my heels in and persevered. I was self-aware enough to know when I was out of my depth but I refused to play the victim and took control of my own happiness.

And it's been so liberating. I am SO happy, so grateful for the opportunities and the love and support of my Melbourne family. I feel young and full of hope and there's a bounce in my step. 

I have no idea what the next year holds. Hopefully some love as that part of my life still eludes me. But it doesn't hold me back, it doesn't define me. It's just something that could only make my already pretty fabulous life even more wonderful.

Cheers to me and my one year in Melbourne anniversary #ifidosaysomyself

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Did you hear?

Did you hear?
 How am I the last person to find out?
Kate Spade is coming to Australia.
Hello Sandra Sully with the late news.
I'm beyond excited, ecstatic, I'm lost for words.
She's opening her doors tomorrow . . . in Melbourne. Yes, Melbourne. Where I live!
After much anticipation, Emporium is throwing open its doors and welcoming a bucketload of international designers to our shores. Uniqlo, Zoo York and Brooks Brothers are just some of the big names to be settling into my 'hood.
So much fashionable fun to be had in Melbs of late. I haven't even been to H&M yet, and am still in 'tourist' mode whenever I walk through Zara's doors. But Kate Spade? My mecca, my safe haven, my happy place. Only 15 mins away from my office and home. Too much. I'm giddy.
Such good timing with my birthday only two weeks away. Friends and family, you know what to do.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lady in red

Love them.
Seeing her rocking the red makes me want to experiment with this colour more.
But is anyone else as alarmed as me by how loose her engagement ring is?
Girl, get a grip on that thing! You don't want it sliding off!
And George. Gush. How exciting for the little cherubs who get to play with him today - well, exciting for their mothers at least.
Can you imagine the stress over what to wear to this play date? I bet there's not a sneaker nor trackpant in sight . . . although, it is New Zealand (he he he, that's just for you Lou and Bridge!)
PS. Are you following the Royals on Facebook? I am loving it sick, as it's all the official pics. So formal and fabulous!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Playing dress up

Okay, so we've all seen it already but I couldn't help myself.
I do get a bit gushy with a gorgeous country landscape. Just wish dear old Isabel had a gorgey brother we could perve on. Nothing like a bloke in RMs, moleskins and an Akubra to get the heart racing.
I digress.
This is my pick from the collection. My friend Alice had already emailed it through to me before the Country Road email landed in my inbox. We are on the same page, this Alice and I.
Buy it here.
I want to get a felt hat for Winter. I think it will be very 'Melbourne' of me - but I don't want to look like a try-hard. The name on everyone's lips is lack of color (the spelling annoys me, especially  because it's an Australian brand) so I'm keen to invest and experiment. Surely black is safe and I'll totes look the part? Yay or neigh, friends?
Shop it here (sans saucy bra thing)
Speaking of hats and looking the part, think I need one of these beauties for the footy (don't mention Sunday's game, but we can talk about the Showdown for a bit longer yet can't we!?)
Question is, which colour? Isn't Tina a scream? Couldn't ask for a better model for Lady Chatterley's Affair than the pretty lady herself.
Beat the rush and get your mitts on a beanie yourself here.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Wine time, or vodka even

TGIF ladies! We made it!
Heading out with the girls tonight and I'm especially thirsty. Dashing home from work to slick on some lippy and slip on some heels. Luckily my morning blow dry has *almost* held.
Loved this quote I found on the sheshopped instagram the other night. That Lucy Cornes is a crack up!
The mood I'm in, I might need my friends to confiscate my phone . . . #trouble
Happy weekend lovers xx
PS. Go the Power! We're having a Mexican Showdown party to celebrate the first game at Adelaide Oval tomorrow. I'll share the famous pulled pork recipe with you next week . . . if Liam lets me!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Couldn't have said it better myself

(If only sound worked on this!)
This dating game is ruthless! And tiring. And expensive.
It's been a fun summer, but seriously, where is he?
There have been a few candidates along the way, let's recap:
  • The weirdo with the bag of chocolates keeping warm in his pocket that he produced as a gift for me (weird, but they were Lindt so . .  .)
  • The dude with the lisp who was so lovely but reminded me far too much of my brother (so pashing was way out of the question)
  • The English guy who liked long {awkward} pauses and wore sneakers with socks
  • The catch of the year who I never met even after four weeks of texting (I'm starting to think he never existed - just call me Casey Donovan)
  • The dude who drank coffee, and only coffee - look, I like coffee but I'm so much more charming and witty and gorgeous after a few vinos
  • And most recently, the perfect guy (sigh) who turned out to be the biggest turd in the world (insert expletives here)
I even looked this up this morning, out of pure desperation, but my mother would kill me.
The time has come to turn to the sisterhood - surely you must have wonderful, eligible, charming male friends out there?
My friends are having their first 'Bring a Friend Friday' drinks at The Carlton this Friday in the city, and I invite you to a) come along and b) bring a delightful male guest! We're all new to Melbourne and are keen to broaden our friendship group - it's very Adelaide centric at the moment an it's time to adopt new peeps to the fold!
There will be other singles there (that's the good thing about this city, I'm not the only one!) and it's sure to be fun. Beats sitting on the couch on your own eating a whole block of chocolate and watching online episodes of Real Housewives of Melbourne (because that's not what I did at all last Friday night . . .)
Let's talk, friends!
PS. How GOOD is Real Housewives of Melbourne!? #carcrashtv #loveit
And here my friends, is the extended clip . . .